Student Names: Bryan Anderson, Kristen Barnett, Maura Gonzalez
Artist Inspiration: Frank Gehry
Chair Name: Refusal to Fall
One sentence summary:

100 Word Statement:
Life once so radiant- nothing more than a distant memory. A moment frozen in time, the decision to break free from oppression and angst.  Behind, an ever-present support shedding light on your path to freedom. With one step births gradual steady movement above, beyond the once dominant control. A journey, with each moment builds strength- your repossession of power. The arrival to a stronger place- the refusal to fall subject to fear.  Sit atop what you have conquered- rediscovering the life you’ve set free. The pain may still resonate within - but will no longer have control. For you are empowerment, you are beauty, you are free.

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