Skjall : Instrument


Student names: Michael LeMieux, Dimitri Koumbis, Miao Linda Li
Artist Inspiration: Bjork
One sentence summary: A chair, an instrument of movement through life and through spirit.

100 Word Statement:
Is silence golden?
My screams, trapped within.
The only beat comes from
the tears hitting my lap.

Each strike leaves a mark,
a dark stain on my skin.
I swallow my pride -
a mouthful of my own blood.

Stitch my lips together,
a prelude of more to come.
Will someone hear my secret?
Or a deceptive cadence?

"You'll be given love,
you’ll be taken care of.
You’ll be given love,
you have to trust it" - Bjork

I have found freedom,
through my voice.
I have found freedom,
through your voice.