The Nest

Photo Copyright: Pete Pearson, 2009.

Students: Carina Clark, Michelle Grams, Pei-Pei Kao
Artist Inspiration: Ansel Adams
One sentence summary: A safe place - a comforting place - a place to grow strong.
100 Word Statement:
Building on the edge of infinity,
Lies a tangled web of eroding memories.
This is my new beginning.
I take a hand and make a change.

My words are finally spoken.
My spirit is no longer caged.
The strength below holds me up,
I may be bent, I am not broken.

In the clutch of woven pain,
Lies a glimmer of hope.
I am not on the edge, I am deep within my comfort,
You cannot bring me down.
I regain the strength and live on.

I cannot stay in this nest forever.
I am strong.
I am okay.
I leave fear behind.
I am free.
I start living.